Dragon’s Gold

Dragon Gold

As revelations go it wasn’t exactly the cure for all known illnesses, but it blew my tiny mind. I treat my sock yarn stash like a dragon guards its hoard.

It started a couple of weeks ago when I was picking out some yarn for socks. Now as photographic evidence has already proven (it took four photos to get all of my sock yarn in), I have a very healthy collection. And yet, as I found myself rummaging through looking for yarn for a pair of socks (no lace, no fancy work, just a plain and simple pair) I found myself thinking “but I have nothing to use”. Yes, despite having at least 70 balls, I was having trouble finding yarn for a pair of socks.

Sock Yarn Stash
Dragon Gold1

Dragon 3

Dragon 4

Dragon 5

Strangely, I wasn’t even fishing for an excuse to buy more. I genuinely couldn’t find any suitable yarn. Not because it was all in eye-wateringly bizarre colourways. Not because it was all an odd weight or length. Not even because I had earmarked it for another project. Nope. It was because it was too “nice” to “waste” on a plain pair. I felt like a dragon on top of a heap of gold and unable to part with a single piece of it.

I would like to state that none of this is unicorn hair (or even more expensive quivit). None of this is so rare that to do anything other than frame it in a museum would be a crime. Some is hand-spun by independent makers and when it is gone it is gone, but most has come from large well-known companies.

Have I unwittingly become one of those people that saves things for best to the point that they spend more time in a dark box than actually being used? Is this the slippery slope to a stash that has large amounts of “untouchable” yarn that slowly fills the attic and ends up being dragged out on a hoarders TV show (complete with dead mice rotting in the middle of it)?

I have always said that yarn is there to be used and been against the idea of a dead stash (stash that is never used, just takes up space and sucks at the soul). Stashes should be alive and free moving! What goes in must come out and be used (eventually) or what is the point?

Dragon 6

Here is my stance against this hoarders TV moment! Here I am using my posh merino-based yarn on a common pair of plain socks. I almost broke into a lace pattern on the foot, but I want and need more plain socks (for wearing under boots in the snow). They are gorgeous and soft but I do feel little twinges of “but have I wasted it?”

Anyone else get guilt over using the good stuff on everyday items or do I need to adjust to the decadence of it?



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christine
    Mar 15, 2013 @ 14:40:55

    I was like that, but now I’ve learned to bite the bullet and just get on with it. Try thinking of it another way when it comes to ‘best’ yarn and plain socks; the plainness of the sock allows the yarn to show itself off. No point in doing anything fancy if the yarn’s going to fight with the pattern.


    • KnitWit
      Mar 15, 2013 @ 21:18:33

      I agree! I try not to save things “for best” – I don’t agree with having a cupboard full of nice clothes (for example) that never get worn, just wear them anyway. Use that yarn! KnitWit


  2. atangledyarn84
    Mar 15, 2013 @ 14:50:17

    Nothing is too good for your own feet! I say adjust to the decadence 🙂


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