LouBug’s Shawl – The Final Blocking!

Feeling smug, feeling happy, feeling that special kind of sparkly that happens when a project has been finished without you really noticing it being knitted. Shawls are great for this, cast on 6 stitches and keep increasing until the eventual cast off of about 400 stitches. With rows that long, I even put it away mid-row (I can actually hear some of you gasping at this, but as long as you secure the points with the ball it isn’t a problem). This meant that I lost the manic “one more row” gleam and it turned into a ten minute here and there project.

Blocking 2

It is a lovely pattern as the purl row is all plain and the knit row has a logically progressing lace sequence that is easy to keep in your head. I have made one before (out of a gorgeous green) and it is a good one for a gentle challenge without brain fritzing. Row by row it builds and then suddenly, there you are at the bind off (400 stitches in a picot bind off – believe me I had a tea break or two while doing this).


One overnight wet block later……..

Block 4 II

Here it is, “Traveling Woman” (by Liz Abinante) all finished. On reflection, I don’t think I would use a variegated yarn for another one (as the lace is a bit hidden) but I love, love, love the way the ‘moody twilight over water colours’ looks with my bright red coat.

This yarn had already been frogged from an ill-fated pair of mittens (the colour blocks really didn’t stack right on a small object). I even debated chopping it into colour balls to make a pair of just blue or just grey mittens. Now it has recovered its place in my heart.

Blocking 6 II

Has anyone else had a yarn that was doomed to be never used, but then suddenly popped into use and fitted a project perfectly? The ugly ducklings of your stash that suddenly turn into swans just when you were about to give up stash diving and go shopping?

I encourage you to sing “There once was an ugly duckling…” and stash dive tonight! Now all I have to do is find a use for the muppet green eyelash yarn I have lurking.



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