A Gruffalo, what’s a Gruffalo?


Today, 7 March, is World Book Day. This probably won’t mean much to most people, but to those with school-aged children it means just one thing…you need to cobble together a costume pronto.

Last year I managed to carefully steer Boy#1 towards a book on dragons, because – oh how fortunate! – we happend to have a perfectly-sized dragon costume in the wardrobe. This year, he is less easily conned and has developed – oh curses – a mind of his own (how on earth did that happen?!).

This year my son has decided his favourite book is The Gruffalo. This book is actually brilliant and your life will be all the richer for reading it.

The thought of creating a child’s costume would have ordinarily caused me great pain, but we have recently been under chickenpox quarantine so I have taken it upon myself to do a great motherly duty and make a costume for him and we had nothing better to do stuck at home.


Behold a slightly rubbish Gruffalo costume (plus the mouse from the book!)


For me, the ‘purple prickles all over his back’ were the triumph (not one to blow my own trumpet, but those prickles are actually sewn on by hand).


The real triumph is, of course, the amazing fuzzy bear hat. Knitted by LouBug when Boy#2 was little, it actually makes my son look part human and part bear (or in this case, part Gruffalo)!

The hat was based on a pattern from Wacky Baby Knits: 20 Knitted Designs for the Fashion-Conscious Toddler by Alison Jenkins- the Davey Crockett hat, with added ears and no tail. It was created using brown eyelash yarn.

I shall be carefully packing this costume away for Boy#2 for next year’s World Book Day, it’s just an outfit that keeps on giving.



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