Well, my brain is back and firing on all woolly cylinders! The Jitterbug socks have soothed my brain back to normal and now reading a chart doesn’t seem so bad. The shawl I mentioned a while ago is tantalisingly close to being finished and now at the stage where each row is about 300 stitches long.

In a rare moment of sensible-ness I have decided to finish it later, as each row now takes about 20 minutes to do and I know the bind-off will be longer. For the curious, it is “Traveling Woman” by Liz Abinante and it is available on Ravelry. As I had 150g of the yarn I have added another row of repeats (fingers crossed I have enough for the last few rows!), I will show it pinned out when it is being blocked as it looks a bit crumpled at the moment.

I have dug in deep on my stitch marker collection and I thought I would share my current favourites:

These three have come from my fairytale collection (there is also a dragon and a skull but they were too small to photo well). Special mention must also go to tiny teabag and tiny teacup



These two stitch markers have been my mid-way markers and made me smile every time I have passed them. I am currently on the lookout for a tiny teapot (or possibly a Mad Hatter hat?) hopefully Olympia will have some bead stands!



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