New WIP – Knitted Shawl


No sooner had I completed my grey superchunky hat, when I discover Victoria Beckham had stolen my idea! Well perhaps not stolen exactly…Oh, alright then, not at all – but I clearly am very trendy indeed, they are even on the catwalk! See super-cool Mr KnitWit modelling my version below (see slightly grumpy model wearing Victoria Beckham’s version above).

Grey Man Hat

Enough of the hat though, that is old news. I have moved on from hats and once again find myself back in the shark-infested waters of shawls. I am determined to put my stripey yarn to good use (as this blog post clearly shows, my previous efforts with the stripey wool did not go well).


LouBug has kindly printed me out a few copies of patterns she has completed in the past. One is ‘A Simple Shawl’ by Traveling Woman (ravelry name feministy). The other is called ‘Wingspan’ and is by Tri’Coterie Designs. I haven’t quite decided yet which to try, I shall (shamefully!) see which is the easiest and go from there.

Has anyone tried either pattern?

An alternative to the blue stripey yarn is the lovely red 4 ply that I purchased recently. Decisions, decisions…

Shawl wool



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