LouBug’s Knitting Commitment Issues


Keen-eyed viewers will have noticed that you have seen far more projects being worked on than actually finished. Keen-eyed members of my household will definitely have noticed that this is not because of modesty, but the simple inability to keep to the same project for more than five minutes.

I have tried (and failed) to be one of those knitters – we all know the type – the one who carefully finishes a project before starting another. How? How? How do they do it? I would love to be that person, to have that pile of finished items and not that pile of project bags full of guilt lying around the house.

I have tried to create limiting factors, such as different project bags for different types of projects (so in theory I can only have one scarf on the go at once). I artfully place only one bag next to the sofa so natural laziness will make me work on it rather than seek out another. All goes well and then whamo I will see something on Ravelry, or in the shops and then more projects are born.

So why am I like a five-year old at an “all you can eat” ice cream stand? I don’t even think it is a lack of discipline, as I have to be quite methodical and ordered to do my job. I am, by my nature, someone who keeps notes and carefully labels boxes; and at the end of the day I only own so many needles and so many row counters (although even I am not sure how many, best stay in denial on that).

Surely it cannot be as simple as “because the rest of your life is so ordered”, as I don’t under-go a personality transplant when I pick up the needles.


Some of it is as simple as matching knitting to mood and situation. This pair of socks (mmmm Jitterbug sock yarn) has sprung into being because after a half term of GCSE marking and a week of report writing, my brain is fried. Anything with lace or involving trying things on is a non-starter. Round and round, k2p2, clicking each row off on the counter for 60 rows and then soon to come a heel and foot. It is the knitting equivalent of a ham sandwich, not exactly high cuisine but sometimes all you actually want.

Even my bath mitt frenzy stalled in the face of this need for brain-rest knitting (although it has spawned three design pages in my notebook). Hopefully as the week progresses my brain will solidify from liquid goo back to jelly. Until then it is sock time.

So which one are you? One project from start to finish, or loads on the go at once?



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gentlestitches
    Mar 05, 2013 @ 03:29:31

    Is it possible to be both? I have a few projects on the go but when I do them depends upon the situation. As you put it “Some of it is as simple as matching knitting to mood and situation”. Certain projects are best on the train, on a sofa, chatting with a friend etcetera. I never leave the house without a “situation appropriate project” with me. I have let myself down by discovering I only packed one knitting needle or forgot the pattern but mostly it works.


  2. KnitWit
    Mar 05, 2013 @ 09:17:19

    I think you’re right about the situation-appropriate knitting. LouBug and I are quite different. LouBug has loads of projects on the go at once, whereas I only have one or two. Anymore and I get twitchy, as they feel like unfinished business! KnitWit


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