Cheapskate Woolly Hat – New WIP


My latest WIP is – ta dah! – another woolly hat! Just one more to go and I’ll have the full quartet of KnitWit family hats. Am excited already at the vision of us all trudging through the cold in our hand-knitted head warmers.

The hat I’m currently creating is for Mr KnitWit, and I’m using the same pattern (Tala) from the book Rowan Patterns Easy Winter Knits. It is knitted with superchunky wool and has plenty of ‘give’, so I figure it’ll fit over a man’s head no problem (plus I got Mr KnitWit to try on the precious pink version to be sure).

Now, as fond as I am of Mr KnitWit, when it came to parting with £17.00 for two balls of Rowan superchunky I must say I did hesitate. Would he be grateful enough? Would he wear the grey wonder? I just couldn’t be sure, so rather than risk knitting insult to financial injury I decided to try my hand at yarn substitution. Two balls of Serenity superchunky for about £7.00 – much more like it!


My history of yarn substitution has not been good (see the teal hat for evidence), but luckily I had LouBug bossing me around guiding me.

Serenity Superchunky


Rowan Superchunky


The tension square information was a good enough match, and the wool content comparison looked fine as well. The only small problem was that the two balls of wool were from different dye lots. I decided to do the rib brim from one ball, and the rest of the cable hat from the other. The very slight difference in colour would hopefully then be hidden.

Progress has been good so far. Only one unravelling session (knitting the ‘bumps’, rather than purling), which isn’t bad compared to last time. In fact, the whole rib brim has been completed without a hitch – best post a photo quick before I am forced to eat my words.




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