Woolly Madness


Ding ding, one stop to Woolly Crazy Town! Every time I go to LouBug’s house (complete with an entire room dedicated to her obsession craft), I am slightly surprised she hasn’t been carted away in a knitted crazy bus. There are woolly blankets, knitted pillows, and crocheted delights EVERYWHERE! Thank goodness LouBug has Mr LouBug, or I fear she might just forego the whole thing and knit herself a partner.

Admittedly it was pretty chilly on Saturday (so cold that even I wore a hat, despite my ‘hat hair’ issues), but I fear LouBug took it to another level. Sifting through carefully packed clip boxes, she finally decided on the right combination of hand-knitted hat, gloves, scarf, cardigan and even a knitted bag.


All in all, a successful trip. First stop Franklins (don’t judge this book by its cover) – level after level of all you can knit produce. LouBug helped me pick out a sock yarn in red for the shawl she gave me a pattern for (hopefully less of a pain challenge than the last one I attempted). Bargain of the day was definitely the 50p circular needle charity shop find. Perfect for this project.

Shawl wool

charity needles

I also picked out some super chunky grey wool for the hat I plan on knitting for Mr KnitWit. It’ll be from the same pattern that I had for my pink hat. Matching his ‘n’ hers winter hats. Not weird at all.

Hat wool

LouBug went a bit crazy at the shops (although maybe normal behaviour in her knitting world, not sure I want to find out…). She chose 10 different kinds of cotton yarn to knit up into bath mitts, just to find the best type and most suitable. I know she has a post ready to go tomorrow about Operation Bath Mitt, brace yourself.



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