Spring is in the Air

spring 1

Thank you for all for your kind comments! I really enjoy reading them, but will need to check with KnitWit on how to respond (as she deals with the new-fangled techno stuff).

After the horror of the brown stripe, I am glad to report some success! My half-term treat was to buy “Downton Abbey” series 1+2 boxset (proving that it is possible for the same person to have the Terminator and costume dramas in their DVD collection) and to sit down and knit. Feeling that the Firedancer socks had eaten up enough of my life, I sat down and finished my honeycomb socks.

spring 2

I used the foot detail of reducing “cells” from Socktopus “V-junkie” and I have been happily padding around the house in them.

The lovely thing about Noro yarn (apart from the jewel-like colourways) is the fact that, despite the fact that they must be hand-washed as they can felt in the machine, they get softer each time they are washed. I have a pair I made a few years ago and they are kitten soft. I also have a pair I intentionally felted and they are actually softer than my cashmere blend socks. Bright colours and soft, warm feet – you had me at hello!

spring 3

After the dreaded brown stripe incident, and proving that pain can be a great teacher (just ask Ofsted), I am even happy to overlook the fact that the heels don’t match! Basically, to avoid interrupting the colourway on the top of the foot (and creating a jog), I used extra yarn – from the middle of the ball – to make the heel flap. I then tried to colour match it on the second sock. This epically failed, as the colour repeats where so long on this sock that there wasn’t any more orange (notice that the whole sock is on one repeat and there were two colours that I didn’t get to). I settled on pink and powered through.

My reward was to cast on a pair of new socks (yes, I know I should still be in “Finish up February” mode) which happen to be in the perfect shade of bluebell blue. I think I will make these my new lunchtime knitting socks.

spring 4

I will try and be good and finish up my big green jumper, but the sun is out and I do have a rather nice shawl to finish.



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  1. My life with Monti
    Feb 22, 2013 @ 21:05:26

    Love the socks 🙂 the colors makes me happy


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