Teal Hat – Triumph and Despair


Yes! The teal knitted hat is complete!

It is true, I did finish the hat in record (some might say suspiciously quick) time. On completion though the hideous truth was finally unveiled as to why the knit was so easy peasy. I feel as if I’ve just proudly crossed the finishing line of a long-distance race, hardly a sweat broken, arms waving in the air, only to discover the course was in fact TWO laps and I’ve somehow, thus, been able to thrash Paula Radcliffe at her own game.

Hmmm. There were clues along the way – the second ball of teal wool I purchased is still untouched (come to think of it, the first ball isn’t exactly anywhere finished). Plus the hat did look a little small whilst I was merrily knitting away. I stuck to LouBug’s advice and left loads of slack on the cream wool, so as to allow the hat plenty of give, but still managed to create a hat that only a CRAZY SHRUNKEN-HEADED person could wear. Oh the DESPAIR!

So yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. This hat has not, somehow, been photographed from a distance, thus giving it a smaller, far-off appearance. The hat is small, too small for my giant head, but not (it turns out) too small for Boy #2. Hurray! A perfect gift for a two-year old.

FJ teal hat

This solves several problems as far as I’m concerned:

1. The hat is unavoidably too small for my adult-sized head.
2. My fear of ‘hat hair’ and all the vanity issues that are attached to this problem mean that I don’t actually wear hats very often (which leads me neatly on to point 3).
3. I only wear hats if it is below zero and the weather has increased a few degrees over the past few days, thus negating the need to stop precious heat escaping from the top of my head.

I have decided with these points in mind, and on reflection, that the teal hat is basically redundant. This is very convenient for me and the whole ‘Hat-Gate’ experience.

Thanks to Let’s Knit magazine for the lovely ‘hand knitted with love’ labels that you gave as a freebie with March’s issue. The hat was certainly received with love – Boy#2 wouldn’t take the hat off all evening and even ate his dinner in it.


Teal Hat Highs

1. Knitting with an additional colour to create a pattern is FAR easier than I had anticipated and really enjoyable.
2. Attaching the brim to the main hat and then knitting in the round was a first for me and also not as hard as I thought.
3. Generally feeling very clever and pleased with myself for completing something I’d previously thought impossible!

Teal Hat Lows

1. Hat teeny tiny. All right, let it go now. STOP GOING ON ABOUT IT!
2. Not quite completing the pattern on the descending bit as I was worried about pulling the cream yarn too tight and making the pesky hat even smaller.
3. The strange, inexplicable hole in the seam. No idea where it came from. I may have to Gaffa tape it at some point.

Thanks again to Let’s Knits for the pattern, and apologies for the terrible interpretation!

teal hat LK



3 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Kydel
    Mar 05, 2013 @ 15:20:18

    Hi KnitWit!
    I just came across this post from Raverly. I am the designer of the Precipitation hat you talk about in the post. I’m so sorry it turned out small. It is a risk when knitting Fair Isle unfortunately. But I’m happy Boy #2 liked enough to wear during his dinner! Yay!
    I hope you try again with Fair Isle since it is fun to do and thank you for knitting my pattern! It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside 😀



    • KnitWit
      Mar 06, 2013 @ 18:15:08

      Wow, thanks for your comment! Excellent, easy to follow pattern-well done :-). Think it was dodgy yarn substitution on my part and prob dodgy knitting that made it small!


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