Knitting Project – KnitWit Update


Ok, I confess – knitting progress this week has been poor. My excuses reasons are given in descending order of ridiculousness below:

1. Small Boy Playdates

Twice this week I have been confronted with several small boys that weren’t mine. For those of you who don’t know, small boys are generally slightly different from your average small girl. I recently looked after my friend’s two young daughters. They sat like angels colouring. Yes, colouring – not using the pencils as ‘light sabres’/sticking them up their noses/sticking the pencils up anyone elses noses.

My two boys are mad enough, but add a couple more and they seem to naturally form a small pack of crazed baboon-like creatures. Furniture jumping, staircase launching, amok running. It is as if they’d not been in a classroom for a mere six hours, but perhaps caged for a good couple of weeks or given an unnaturally high dose of Skittles.

Alas, I am more than used to it all and these crazy ‘man’ antics do not faze me. The ensuing restructuring and power cleaning of my home afterwards, however, does take precious time from my knitting. Twice this week my knitting time has been cruelly snatched by grubby little mitts.

2. KnitWit & LouBug Brother Visit

Our beloved joint brother (yes, the one from the ‘Curly Times’ fame) was set free this week from his wife-and-two-young-daughter shackles. One EasyJet flight to nana’s house later and Mr Curly Times was free.

An evening of pancakes, dinner, dessert, Pringles, four bottles of Leffe, a bottle of Pinot and Mr CT falling asleep drunk on my sofa bed is not very conducive to knitting wonders. This leads me swiftly on to excuse number 3…

3. Hangover

Five hours sleep and a hangover + long day = coma on sofa come evening time.


I have, against all odds, managed to somehow complete the brim of my teal hat this week though. Progress show above. I will be dedicating my free time this weekend to the main bit of the hat and YouTube-ing like crazy.

Brace yourself for hat progress report #2 next week.



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