I am the living embodiment of the saying “Running before you can walk”. Ughgh – the triangular shawl has defeated me. By the fourth (yes, FOURTH) unravelling I was totally fed-up. Each attempt brought up different mistakes, so there wasn’t even a chance to try LouBug’s ingenious idea of knitting dental floss into the row before the trouble (to enable confident unravelling, rather than starting from scratch each time).

I need to clock-up some experience before trying this shawl again – then again, I might just trawl Ravelry for an easier pattern.

Below is my gallery of shame…

First Attempt – too many stitches

Second Attempt – pattern gone wrong

Third Attempt – Stitch marker problems (destroyed before I could get my camera out!).

Fourth Attempt – Too fed-up to remember!

I consoled myself with starting my teal hat. The brim is a simple k1 P1 on just 10 rows, a great one to do in front of the TV.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. anastasiamw
    Feb 12, 2013 @ 19:12:15

    I’ve been defeated by patterns before. Sometimes you just have to walk away.


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