New Projects Ahoy!


Right – I’ve been well and truly suckered in now. Congratulations LouBug, you have another convert! Apart from the wool and needles I bought for The Hat, I’ve never actually parted cash before for my knitting projects. All the wool and equipment so far have been presents or generally just gifted, so I feel I’m entering a whole new (potentially bankrupting) realm now.

I’m thirty quid down already after an evening on the internet buying ‘essential’ knitting items for the two projects I’ve got in mind. This unchartered territory is far more purposeful than my usual ‘what shall I do with this random wool’ scenario.

The first project is a shawl – a pattern in a back copy of Simply Knitting magazine caught my eye (see photo above). I’ve chosen a slightly crazy wool that looks like it might be better placed knitted into a toddler cardigan, but hey ho. It does have 80% bamboo and 20% wool though, so the lovely soft texture will hopefully feel great and the colours are really nice. There are some instructions in the pattern which are new to me, but nothing that YouTube can’t fix.

Just like The Hat that went before it, I am already practising my ‘oh this old thing’ face, whilst I lap up the glory that only comes when one creates one’s own masterpiece. Here’s hoping it doesn’t turn out like a mad, triangular dishcloth…


The second is a woolly hat complete with contrasting colour pattern.


I’ve seen these Fair Isle patterns all over, and they always looked brilliant, but completely beyond me. I’m going to give it a go though – in at the deep end. I’ve chosen 50% merino and 50% acrylic wool, in teal and cream. The pattern (and photo above) are from Let’s Knit magazine.


I can’t wait to get started and just have to patiently wait for the postman to arrive. In the mean time I’m going to crack on with that pesky woollen elephant to keep me busy.



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