Finish-Up February


As January disappears and the dark nights reluctantly lighten, I start to reflect on my new year goals and have a bit of a craft room sort. You’ve already seen some of the evidence of my annual stash airing (which revealed more sock yarn than I first realised could fit into a 60x60cm storage box – Call the Doctor! There’s a rift in space-time happening!).

The next step is to try to finish up as many projects as I can before February half term, with an eye to actually being able to fit them in their magazine rack home. This works out at about a month of not starting anything new but trying to power through stalled projects.

Last year worked quite well with a project a week finished (I cheated a bit by tackling the projects that were near completion but had stalled). It then leaves a nice point, at the start of spring, when I can cast on bags worth of projects, guilt free and needles ready.

February tends to be the point when I really knuckle down at this (so I tend to call it ‘Finish Up February’, despite starting in January and finishing by mid-February). First, time to admit the scale of the issue, eek:


Next step, assess which projects are furthest along or small and quick; rate them in order of “fun for LouBug” or “tv knitting” with a side splash of how much I want it. So, dear readers, here I am publicly committing to my big green jumper (bottom up, and so far at waist level), with a side project of my fire dancer socks (cuff down, first one nearing the ankle).

Unfinished Projects

Feel free to mock me if by next post I have barely touched them but worked on something else instead!

There are some victories already! January has already seen two projects done, the stripey jumper and Hogwarts scarf are both off the needles and ready to wear this week (and yes, I did wear the jumper before I had got all of the ends woven in).

Finished Stripey Jumper

Finished Scarf



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