The Highs and Lows of the Knitted Chocolate


The past few days have been a veritable knitted chocolate rollercoaster. The high point has been, of course, the knitted chocolates. What could be better than these little sweet delights? Well, it turns out maybe real chocolates would, in fact, have been better.

My ” Who wants a chocolate?” broadcast was met with whoops of delight. Boy #2 was almost trampled in the stampede that followed. Delight turned to devastation when my woolly wonders were proffered. Boy #1 and Boy #2 unleashed their emotional wailings – they are still some way off mastering their father’s muted “I wish they were real chocolates” and stiff upper lip.

One must press on though. On completion they didn’t quite look right for a four-year old gift, so I’m now busy knitting a cupcake instead.



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