Knitted Chocolates


It is my friend’s daughter’s birthday coming up in February, and I had an idea to knit a little birthday cake for her in celebration. I’d seen a pattern in one of my favourite books, Susan Penny’s Knitted Cakes (Twenty to Make). Lovely and pink, complete with ribbon and a knitted candle.

She is soon to be four years old, and has taken quite a shine to my small collection of knitted cupcakes. It is quite nice to see her gently arrange them in her girly make-believe world. This is in stark contrast to when Boy #1 and his friends get their grubby mitts on them and chuck them around like pastel coloured hand grenades!

Hard to believe, I know, but the knitted cake idea has been totally trumped. Something I saw flicking through a back-copy of Simply Knitting (February 2012 issue) has blown my cake idea out of the water. Move over birthday cake – knitted chocolates are in!


I made a test one in no time (each one is only 13 rows), which can be seen above (unstuffed and undecorated).

Done on a pair of 3.25mm needles in lovely chocolatey colours, these beasts look amazing. Mr KnitWit had a major chocolate truffle making obsession a while back (before two small boys Hoovered up all of our free time). He still has a load of chocolate presentation bags and boxes – perfect for my knitted creations.

I plan on making six to eight. I also plan on making some for myself thus avoiding an undignified scuffle with the birthday girl when I am inevitably reluctant to hand them over…



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