The Knitted Jumper


KnitWit may boggle at the number of projects I have on the go (no, I won’t tell you how many because then I’d have to admit it to myself) but it does have some advantages. If you have a *cough* couple of projects bagged up and ready to go, and sort of pick at them ever so often, then they seem to progress without you realising it. This is especially true of big projects, like jumpers and blankets, because stitch by stitch they will grow.

It may be the inconvenient crafting truth, but knitting is not the quickest thing in the world. A shock I know, but when I talk to my fabric loving friends they actually complain that it takes a whole day to make a top. Such dizzy speed! Yes, there are champion speed knitters out there. Yes, there are projects that use yarn so thick that two rows and you’re done. Yes, I could quit my job, forgo sleep and give up entirely on housework. But let’s be honest, sometimes it is good to go slow, to amble along and watch the universe drift with us. For me, that is one of the secret joys of knitting. It does take time, effort and skill and in a world of fast, easy and now it is nice to have that. It is the lazy summer walk contrasting the high-speed car chase of my working life.


The weather recently has been enough to make even my kitten-sized attention span focus like a laser on a single project. A project dreamt up in August and poked at during the autumn. It has been plagued by my inability to count (seriously 15cm is a lot to rip back) and at one stage progressing on three sets of needles (I wanted to know what the sleeves would look like). Well now, it is so ON!

Everything else is forsaken and I am pounding my way through the rows like a guy in a rhino costume at the London Marathon. I am now so close I can taste the finish. I am being very good and sticking to the plan (as 10 rows less would make it finish sooner but will bug me every time I tug the jumper down). Just 15 rows, border, cuffs and collar, then it is done! No promises that I will have all the ends woven in before I test wear it though…



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