Free Knitting Patterns!

My borderline harassment of LouBug by text and telephone has paid off! Well worth the threats of a restraining order. Her contribution to the blog has been outstanding – first the start of LouBug’s Library and now the trickle of free knitting patterns. So far the rainbow pattern is my favourite.

Rainbow blanket

The joy of texting LouBug blog instructions at 6.45am and her thinking it was her school relaying a snowday broadcast has made it all worthwhile. I’m still chuckling to myself thinking about it now. A win/win situation all round. Musings for the blog, and untold hilarity for me.

Talking of knitting patterns – not content with knitting the best hat ever seen, I decided to create some matching accessories to complement its greatness. Feeling confident, I decided to free-style a design. Go off-piste a little. These wrist-warmers, leg warmers for the arm if you will, are probably on the lower end of the ‘pattern creation’ spectrum. To the extent that I will not be sullying our Free Patterns page with its inferior instructions.

I basically cast on 14 stitches in the chunky Rowan wool and k2 p2 for a while, until the correct length to fit round my scrawny wrists was reached. In no time at all I had one perfect warmer and, after a short time contemplating whether I could pull off the Michael Jackson one jewelled glove look, decided to crack on with the other one. Evidence below:


The more observant amongst you will note that they are slightly different lengths. This can be partly explained by mentioning that I had already sown up the first effort before starting the second one. A classic ‘act in haste, repent at leisure’ situation. I couldn’t actually recall how long the first one was. It is also worth mentioning, in my defence, that I had one eye on a Mad Men DVD at the time and got carried away. Oh well, I guess it just adds to their ‘uniqueness’.



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