The Hat – It Lives!


The hat is complete – my first ever hat. Just in time for the snow, hurrah! I’ve never attempted anything like this before, and it actually looks really good. So good, in fact, that I popped into the shop today where I bought the wool and showed it off to the ladies behind the counter. Yes, I really am that sad proud.

Come Monday morning I may even email a photo to Let’s Knit Magazine, as they provided the inspiration in the first place.


Pattern taken from Rowan Patterns Easy Winter Knits

After trying the hat on (and clocking all the snow outside) the otherwise highly-skeptical-of-my-efforts Mr KnitWit has actually requested a hat twin (albeit in slate grey). His ‘n’ Hers matching knitted hats, too much?

8 top tips to myself for a smoother hat knitting experience next time

1. Remember how to purl – don’t make up random stitches and have to start again after much howling that efforts look NOTHING like the given photo.

2. Give a sacrifice to the YouTube altar, it saves you from a hat full of holes (remember when alternating knitting and purling on a row – yarn forwards for purling and backward for knitting).

3. Definitely remember to put the yarn FORWARD for purling and BACKWARDS for knitting. Stick a Post-It to your head if necessary. This prevents a massive teary over-reaction to a deranged hat, which is in fact fixable.

4. Don’t underestimate Mr KnitWit’s knitting knowledge, gained by osmosis after spending too many of his formative years in knit shops with his mother. Mr KnitWit proved to be very useful when unravelling terrible knitting mistakes.

5. Don’t plough on regardless when making a mistake, especially if that mistake has a strange, magical, cumulative effect which makes the hat look like half of it has been chewed by a dog.

6. When joining a new ball of wool, stick to the tried-and-tested knotting approach and not a new fancy (again, YouTube) approach which leads to much cursing and the real danger that Boy#2 might copy and end up talking like a squaddie.

7. Don’t curse that there is left-over wool after hat completion – any good knitter would see this as a silver lining. Feed that secret stash.

8. Remember to take the hat off occasionally.


P.S – Hat debut on Let’s Knit Facebook page!

Hat on Facebook


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