Crochet Crash Course

Crochet Flower

This is a post about the hat, purely about the hat. The glorious work-of-art that is my pink, cabled, lovely, knitted hat. Unfortunately it is currently just half a hat. Am being punished (again) for not reading the instructions properly. Not of the unravelling-of-hard-work type punishment, but more of the didn’t-buy-enough-wool-and-now-have-to-wait-until-Thursday-even-though-am-on-a-roll type punishment. If I was any kind of proper knitter I would have a huge room dedicated to zip lock bags and vacuum packs full of spare wool (see LouBug’s previous post). But I’m not. I am a KnitWit. Gaaah.

Hat progress
Hat Progress

As an ‘homage’ to the hat, I have created it a little green crochet flower. This is my first ever attempt at crochet, and (thanks to YouTube) I have managed a ruffled beginner crochet flower.

Crochet progress
Crochet Flower progress

The flower consists of 30 chain stitches, and using a single crochet I made loops of 5 chain stitches down the chain. I sewed the flower by turning the chain into a circle and pulling out the ‘petals’. It took me hardly any time at all and looks like it took far more skill than it did. Perfect.



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