Tiptree – Two Diets Spoiled at Once


Well, it was always optimistic that I would manage to reduce both my weight and my stash in these dark winter months. But, if I am to emerge butterfly like in the summer then the weight needs to go down, both mine and my heavy-weight stash. But, let’s face it, going on a day trip to Tiptree might have been a tiny tactical error.

For those who are already smiling, you obviously have already met the twin delights to be found in Tiptree. What genius put the Wilkinson Jam factory (with tea room) a short distance away from the Tiptree Cheap Shop?


Do not let its cheerful name make you underestimate it, do not let its modest storefront cause you to walk by. To quote its own tag line it is an Aladdin’s Cave of wonders. The internal geography does make you wonder if they have actually broken dimensional physics (especially as you need at least two circuits to see everything) and only a fool goes in without a list and a healthy budget.

Personally, my happiest find was that they do Jitterbug sock yarn (I was very good, I only bought one skein) and I have topped up on the bits and pieces (from threads to ribbon) that enable my creative moments to happen at 2am, without howling in frustration for the lack of coral pink thread.

I then took the long-suffering Mr LouBug to have a cream tea, with the jam of our choice (morello cherry). I have also topped up with a pick and mix of little jam jars (first yummy jam, then wash them out for cute little bead pots, win/win). Diet will start tomorrow…

The Loot



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