Hat Knitting Tramp!

Let’s Knit Magazine

Up until this point I have been a monogamous knitter. Just one knitting project at a time. From start to finish, it has my complete focus. On further investigation I have, however, discovered a trampy underworld to this knitting lark. Nobody just sticks to one project, apparently all good knitters have several on the go at once! Imagine! So here I am, moving to the knitting equivalent of Mormon Utah. Still committed to my projects, just have several on the go at once. The elephant is on the back burner, and in steps a rather lovely wooly hat (thanks to a Let’s Knit Magazine pattern). I may even give a crochet flower a go. If this makes me a knitting tramp then so be it – LouBug is practically a knitting Street Walker with her 12 projects on the go at the moment (including, rather insanely, 4 pairs of socks).

The chosen hat has come from a Let’s Knit Magazine pattern.


The elephant is all very well, but progress is slow, and I need instant gratification. On first inspection the pattern for the hat looked easy, so I trooped off to Sharp Works (a lovely London knitting shop) to choose some chunky Rowan wool and 10mm needles. The colour I chose is one of my favourites, and I’m already practising my gracious, yet basking-in-glory, response to all the compliments I’m going to receive when cruising the streets in my newly knitted hat.

Now, for some unknown reason I had some sort of electrical surge to my brain yesterday (or possibly the distraction of Boy#1 and Boy#2 running around like a pack of small dogs), but I had a complete brain block on how to purl. I cast on my 52 stitches and was merrily knitting/purling away to create my first ever ribbed hat. As I ploughed on though it became increasingly obvious my efforts looked nothing like the photo in the magazine. I think I may have even been the unwitting discoverer of a brand-new stitch.


Drastic action was needed – Boy#2 sent to bed, Boy#1 merrily distracted with the lure of sewing his own grenade out of old woollen squares, and me glued to YouTube. Last night a YouTube clip on how to purl saved my knitting.

Boy#1 busy with knitted grenade

After much furious knitting (and the strange development of a ‘knitting claw’) I finished the evening with half a hat that actually looked like the photo in the magazine. Result! One small mistake so far (not bad for me and not entirely noticeable). Am prepared to gloss over this and carry on tonight. The forecast tomorrow is snow…and trendy pink hats. I have a new love of giant knitting needles and giant chunky wool.

Hat knitting progress



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