Knitted Cakes – Inspiring a Generation


Look at these things of great beauty! These are my knitted offerings so far – given up for sacrifice to the knitted altar. Turns out these knitted cakes have even more power than I once thought. Much like the 2012 Olympics, these woolly goodies have “inspired a generation”. My friend’s eight year old daughter has been rather taken with them and wants to start knitting. Another convert. Short of kidnapping LouBug and bundling her onto a train, I’m going to take on the challenge myself due to location issues. First stop? Internet of course! A short, but sweet, conversation on Mumsnet Art&Craft board has borne fruit. I now have a place to start.

Any good YouTube vids out there, oh wise readers?

On a separate note, LouBug has gone to ground (or gone to work, or something of lesser importance than blogging all day). This writing “collaboration” is looking a bit more like a one-sided broadcast so far. Will try and track LouBug down and get her typing…

Ps – Most of these cake patterns were taken from Susan Penny’s Twenty to Make: Knitted Cakes



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