Elephant Mess


Thanks LouBug. Boy#1 is (im)patiently awaiting a starter pattern from his favourite auntie! Get posting!

From the depths of my brain I can recall that the average gestation for a baby elephant is two years. Yes, TWO YEARS! For anyone who has ever been pregnant, this thought is so awful you are almost grateful that all we have to worry about is sorting the logistics of a narrow exit and an unusually large head. If a giant elephant can create a mini-me from a single cell in just 24 months, then surely it isn’t beyond my capabilities to knit a fake one in just a few evenings? I fear it might be…This gestation has no due-date. I followed the rules of “little and often” and accumulated a whole nine rows from seemingly nowhere. Then, GAAH! Suddenly read the pattern again (properly this time), and realised the crucial information of “purl every other row” had not been read/assimilated/executed accordingly (see photo above…maybe the more proficient amongst you would have noticed the problem sooner than the nine rows it took me).

Annoyingly this isn’t the first time this has happened. One of my knitted mutant grapes (that could also double as a plum), took on a slight ‘acorn’ look to it. This too was later diagnosed with the common disorder hypo-purl-itis. Must either start to concentrate more, or actually read the pattern properly. Knitting crime committed – punishment: Unpicking the whole thing and starting again. Ughghg.

For any readers on Ravelry who want to see photographic evidence of this grape shambles, click on grape crime to see the full horror.

Elephant pattern by Sarah Keen Knitted Wild Animals



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