Knitting Confessions


Ok, I confess, I am not a complete knitting novice. I have dabbled. More the cannabis end of the spectrum – but I want CRACK! Knitted cupcakes are one thing, but I have moved on. I want a knitted WILD ANIMAL! Yes readers, I have become addicted and now only the big stuff will do. Unfortunately my aspirations do not meet my talent. I need help. I need LouBug. I also need A LOT of time. I’ve made my choice, a cute looking elephant, but I fear it may take so long to knit that my Y-chromosomed-time-Hoover-whirlwind-little-darlings will actually be grown men before it is finished. Nevermind. I shall plough on. The elephant will probably take on the same “art” status as my knitted cupcakes anyway. My idea to make some play cakes for my boys was soon ditched after I realised how long they took me to knit. They can, of course, admire them. As long as they don’t look directly at them. Or touch their glass enclosure.



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