Curly Times Collaboration

LouBug and KnitWitII

Not since the days of “The Curly Times” have my sister and I collaborated on a writing project. This amazing example of sibling love was a hard-copy embodiment of our mutual mirth. The entire media empire we created was dedicated to making a mockery of our brother’s curly hair. Yes, I know, a hard act to follow. We shall endeavor though.

I am hoping my phone and text bill will be greatly reduced by “talking” through the medium of our blog. No need to visit the old goat now we have a shared blog. Unfortunately LouBug has a real job which may thwart her efforts – but I’m hoping she can relay her expertise to me through the internet rays and turn me from knitwit to knitpro. No learning to knit sitting by a granny’s burning gas fire for me. Oh no. These are modern times. I shall be learning to knit over the internet. Without any actual talking or contact. Relaying my every move to the world. Hurrah!



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