Request from a Small Boy


Thanks LouBug – thanks to our house-swap Boy#1 now wants to learn how to knit…and wants to get a cat. The cat request has to be glossed over for all our sakes. Any extra vacuuming and my carpet will be threadbare. At least if it ever did become threadbare I guess I could knit a rug out of cat fur with my new found skills, anyway I digress…

My life doesn’t need anymore vacuuming , so the cat option is out, but the four-year-old-boy knitting request is definitely IN! The very real fear of knitting needles being used as a light sabre against Boy#2 looms high in my mind. However, the image of Boy#1 sitting peacefully knitting wins over the image of a trip to A&E with a one-eyed child.

I need to do some research on child knitting kits – actually sod the research, I’ll ask the LouBug Oracle. Create a pattern for my boy, oh LouBug genius!



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