See It Sparkle


The pink sparkle scarf is now done! After the trauma of the cobweb scarf, it is fantastic to have a scarf that has cast on correctly and powered through with yarn to spare. A most important fact, as my enjoyment of the cobweb scarf is forever scarred by running out of yarn and then having to repeatedly frog and re-do. And frog and re-do. And frog and re-do. And try not to throw against the wall as I frogged and re-did it AGAIN!


The yarn is “Reflection” by Creative Yarns, and I really like the way that it fades from a dusky purple/pink to a barely -there white/pink. Even better than that, the transition has resulted in three blocks of dark in a nice symmetrical way. You cannot really see in the picture, but there is a sparkly thread running through it which catches the light in a cute twinkle effect. The yarn is also nice and soft (the cobweb scarf had to be so aggressively blocked that it lost all bounce and softness and felt like a Brillo pad).


One good thing about the cobweb scarf horror is that after 60 stitches for 264 rows, the pattern has burned into my brain and enabled a bit of speed. This has left my 30 stitch rows in 4 ply feeling like hyper-drive as the rows flow past. I didn’t keep a row count (as I am not doing a side trim that needs to be plotted) but it is well over a meter which must be about 150 – 200 odd rows.


I decided to block it to make it wider (as it was already quite long) which should make it useful as a summer dress wrap (so I can look like a glamour princess). The yarn has remained quite soft (helped by the lack of frogging, which stripped parts of the cobweb yarn bald) and being mainly acrylic it should wash and wear well. There was even enough to make a short jacket scarf.


Two scarves, and still smiling at the end. Not bad for a yarn that has been gathering dust in a project bag for months!


Quack Quack – The Eighties Are Back


Quack, quack, here he is – the knitted “party” duck. This duck has really lived up to his name – it isn’t so much the jaunty, sparkly crown that has given this duck the “party” look…more the crazy eyes-like-saucers. This duck has accidentally taken on the look of something that has downed 16 espressos,  complete with a cocaine chaser.  The Eighties are back! I am contemplating knitting this duck some giant shoulder pads and a filofax.

Just say “no” kids, let this duck be a lesson!


Despite my best efforts to get LouBug to sew the component parts together, she refused (the cheek!), and I had to do it myself. As ever, the head was a bit wobbly and left to its own devices the beast does actually just keel over (I blame the crazy eyes). Luckily my ducky has its own pond to swim on, which handily props up my little aquatic friend.


Yes, the eyes are mad and the finish isn’t perfect but it’ll fit in perfectly with my troop of other misfit knitted animals. Rest assured the (finally finished) knitted fox pillow and knitted gift booties are of far superior craftmanship. More on that later.

The pattern and knit kit for my party duck was from Sue Stratford Knits (The Knitting Hut).



Back From The Sun


Not literally, of course, just back from a holiday “in the sun” rather than “on the sun”. Hey, ho – either way I’m still as pasty-faced as ever. That’ll be the Factor 50 (that is still working its way out of my facial pores, ughgh). Still, better than the “burnt to a crisp” look my fellow compatriots were rocking.

Back to the matter in hand. In a few weeks I shall be welcoming a new baby into our home. Not mine, thankfully – no, an overnight guest plus new baby.

Being “Eco” types, I have decided they would be perfect candidates to receive a hand-crafted gift from me for their precious first-born son.


My record on this has not been great. A while ago I did knit a beautiful bootie for a friend who recently brought forth life (just the one, I didn’t get as far as actually knitting the other one). Unfortunately, the baby ended up with a present from Gap in the end, as I couldn’t be parted from my carefully knitted baby bootie (yes, it was that good!).

I am determined this will not happen again, so I decided early on that I would get to keep the test bootie for myself so that it can join the other one in the sad collection of lone knitted booties on my bookshelf. The only problem with this plan is that I have been so pleased with my test bootie it has been elevated to the grand status of actual gift bootie, and now that I am on the second one I’m already running out of steam to knit a third. They are so very cute though, and I am toying with the idea of enshrining them in a gift box, stuffed and mounted, so that they can just be admired from afar as a knitted nursery ornament.

(Pattern Let’s Knit)


As I plough on and knit that twin bootie, I am trying to weigh up whether it would be a terrible social faux pas to instruct the recipients of the gift booties that they should not actually be put on their baby’s feet, but admired from an elevated position. Hmmm…maybe I should head to Gap next week…


Get Stuffed!


Boo hoo! My lovely foxy pillow is STILL deflated and empty. I just can’t find anything suitable to stuff the poor beast with…and I have tried. Okay, fine…not “tried” in the sense of getting myself down to a haberdashery and parting with cash in exchange for some toy stuffing/miniature pillow. No, I mean “tried” as in prowled around my house in search of something suitable/very much second best. I have contemplated gutting a pillow that currently resides on my sofa, then there was the cute little croc pillow that I saw on Boy 2′s bed. I couldn’t do it though…I feared the reprisals.


I even ventured into our loft space. Not as bad as you may think, as I have recently implemented a detailed list that lives on the door. I had fears of it becoming an Aladdin’s cave of cr@p, and I wanted to avoid all the childhood flashbacks of toot disappearing up into my parent’s roof and never coming down again. Anyway, my best efforts of keeping the loft in order were not enough – it is still a nightmare of boxes. The one I wanted was barricaded behind other boxes and a light fitting. I couldn’t quite face dragging out the “camping” box in search of a small camping pillow I had a vague memory of, in order for my fox to be completed.

So here we are, un-stuffed. Short of filling it with £50 notes/old DK yarn/cotton wool or unwanted items of clothes (some of my other ideas), the fox will have to wait until I get to the shops…


In the meantime I have been busy with my duck. The one with the crown. Yes.


The only thing I have to say about this WIP, is LOOK AT THE TAIL!! Against my better judgement, I followed the instructions for the complicated cast off and (as promised) it resulted in the perfect looking duck tail. Joy!


Niting Blog


Behold my eldest son’s Mother’s Day efforts! The jury is still out as to whether this delightful celebration entitled “Niting Blog” represents a deep understanding and respect for fibre crafts, a celebration of my literary efforts and creative outpourings…or a sign I spend too much time preening the LouBugKnits blog. I fear I may have infiltrated his young brain with the idea that knitting blogs are VERY IMPORTANT and trump such frivolous pursuits as getting dinner ready on time. Either way, clearly my knitted delights have had quite an impact and are at the forefront of his mind when thinking of how to make an A4 celebration for his mother.


“This is a girl knitting a flower. Now she is putting her flower on the blog”

In a nutshell, this pretty much sums things up. Things get knitted. Things get put on the blog. I guess he could have written a short story about my other time-consuming pursuits, perhaps laundry or washing-up, so in some respects I feel happy that my five-year-old has seen beyond my domestic servitude. One small step for feminism, one giant leap for clearly not doing enough laundry/washing up for my son to think of my efforts as “domestic servitude”.

Moving on…special mention should go to In-Law-HQ, who gallantly pushed through the crowds at Olympia’s latest knitting show to bring me back treasure!


A knitted duck, complete with crown! I understand from the front-line report that Olympia this year was pretty good. LouBug and I didn’t go this year, partly because we’re still getting through our autumn loot from Ally Pally!


I shall be embarking on this aquatic delight asap and reporting back forthwith.


Fox Pillow…So Near…


But yet so far! The pillow is not only glorious, but veeeeery nearly done. Slight issue regarding what to stuff it with. At the moment it is perched on top of my fox draught excluder, looking like some sort of bank robbing mask for foxes. Below is a photo collection of the pillow, complete with “artistic licence” with regards to the nose, ears and backing :-)





Sock It To Them


Finish Up February is slowly still chugging along (yes, I know it is now March), and has resulted in a new finished pair of socks.  Admittedly the pair breaks the “rules” as I cast on when I shouldn’t have had, but it is my game and I can change it when I want to!  I like the colour-way, as the grey and purple sits well together and being Regia I already know that they will wash and wear like iron.


And now I have cast on a gorgeous new pair with a really cool colour-way.  It is from the summer yarn holiday explosion (Get Knitted in Bristol) and happily I have three more in the same brand and hopefully the same wash/transition of colours.


These are just what the doctor ordered as the dreary days are starting to brighten and green things are starting to emerge.  I especially like that they reflect my current garden view of green grass, yellow flowers and blue sky.  I have called them “Sprung”, as I hope that they will herald the new spring (and an end to the dreary wet weather).


Talking of green things, my Zonki socks are chugging along.  These do require more brain power that I have (as the lace is wonderfully complex) but I really like the way they are coming out.  The leaves have a nice 3D puffy effect and the yarn over pattern really shows it off well.  I shall keep picking at these but I suspect that they won’t get done until Easter.


Well, my yarn diet isn’t going very well, but I have at least managed a one-in-one-out sock ratio with this lovely yarn now snuggling into the stash.  I like the Vincent colour-way (I used a different one on Mr LouBug’s Christmas socks) and it strikes me as a good autumny colour-way.  The blue will be better for summer, as it is eye-catching and a bit tropical watery.


I got this on the way to Braintree Free-Port, a little yarn shop that is basically a summer-house at the back of Cherry Tree garden centre.  It is a nice idea, and there are about a dozen of these summer-houses all with different shops in them.  This is nice as it allows small start-up businesses to rent small units that are lockable but also attached to a larger shopping area and is a great place to find new boutique shops.

Time to sit in the sun and knit!


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